Association Membership Software

Managing your members the way it should be


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this software web based? Will this work with Microsoft Outlook as well ?
Association Manager is a web based application built on Microsoft CRM.  It is fully integrated inside Microsoft Outlook.
2) Please explain the pricing of this application?
Pricing is based on a number of users. For each user you would incur a fee which is payable on a monthly basis 
3) My Organization may require additional customization. Can this be done?
If you require additional customization then that can be done fairly easily by an admin user. There may be an instance, where you may require our advance level support services for additional fee. 
4) Do we have to worry about any backups?
No, our application provides you with up to 30 days of back up.
5) Can association management software be installed on our company servers too?
Yes. There is also an on premise version, that you can purchase for the onsite server install. Please contact our office for more information. 
6) What about document management?
Our software is offered as an integrated product with SharePoint for document management.
7) Can our memeber access their information as well?
There is a customer portal component that we offer as an additional module.