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Managing your members the way it should be


Features of Association software

Professional Centralized Database

The first step in streamlining your membership pool is to build a central database.

Tools Include:
  • Ability for users to consolidate and share member contact information and profile into one database.
  • Access can be controlled by assigning security privileges to the users for viewing, sharing and ability to edit respective client files.

Outlook, Word and Excel Integration

Important functionality includes:
  • Outlook, Word and Excel are integrated to provide greater functionality
  • Ability to store incoming and outgoing email correspondence under each member record.
  • Calendaring is unified among all users and scheduled tasks shows under each member record.


AssociationManager also provides a graphical dashboard feature for senior management to view charts related to Renewals, Member Categories Breakdowns,

Roster Management

Create your own customizable Rosters with member and assign it to your desired groups.

Chapters & Regions

Ability to create Chapters and associate companies and contacts to each chapter. The system also provides you with the ability to list all chapter officer details and status within each chapter or Region.

Member Education Certifications

Track and View all member education details under member profiles.

Membership Renewals

Ability to Track renewal billing and benefit rates for each member.

Committee and Group

Create your own committees and Groups and assign members to each committe.

Event Management

Event management feature allows you to log events and assign and invite members to respective events.

Invoice entry and Printing for Event Management

Print and send invoices to members for individual events.

Roster Report, Badges and Invoices

The software comes with built in Roster reports and the ability to print event badges