? Association Management Software for Non-profit Management

Association Management Software built inside Outlook

This software enables the staff members of an Association or a non-profit organization to manage and maintain a 360 degree view of the all their members including their profiles, dues, chapters, certifications and many other important aspects. It is important for the staff members of any association dealing with the members to view all the history information, ideally archived under each member name.

AssociationManager is built on Microsoft CRM platform and is fully integrated with Microsoft office. Since we all live and breathe in a world where Microsoft Outlook is used heavily, our number one priority was to provide our users with seamless integration with Outlook including Word and Excel. Association Manager is built inside Outlook and allows our users to use and combine all of the Outlook capability in conjunction with using a powerful association management software.

You can use our association software to run powerful automated workflows which will automatically perform tasks, that would otherwise take huge time and effort to complete. For example the software can automatically flag all upcoming member renewals and inform a staff member on the next steps to successfully complete the renewals.

You can also use this association software to perform intelligent reporting on the entire membership database and their activities. Please click on the links below to get more details on the features of our association management software.

Features of association software:

membership management diagram